About Us

Vision and Philosophy of the Founders

The Marquee Performing Arts Center will become the community’s cultural heart and general civic gathering place.  A diverse range of programs and entertainment will be presented for all ages of the community.


The mission of the Marquee PAC is two-fold in nature:  first, to preserve and restore the former Winfield Fox Theatre building on Main Street; second, to offer a
multi-purpose facility that provides entertainment, education, and cultural events for the south-central Kansas community.


The arts are essential to the human experience.

As a leader in the performing arts, the Marquee Performing Arts Center values: 

Community Growth and Development - We encourage local individuals’ participation in performing arts and encourage communication of social  issues and discovering intellectual and emotional experiences through high-quality creative expression.

Respect - We treat all people with equity, dignity, and fairness.

Collaboration – The relationships among us and with our communities are integral to who we are and what we do.

Integrity – We are dedicated to high ethical and moral standards.